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Jump up, turn around, bring it back and get down. Bang your head, don't be misled. You about to get this bread. This IPA be Hazy, makin y'all go crazy! So, from the front to the back let's give it up, to all the m*****f****** hops, that are in your cup. WHAAAAAT!!!!!**mic drop** 


We got Citra feat. HBC 586 and El Dorado, bringing groovy notes of Pineapple, mango sorbet and apricot with a subtle dank herbal quality. Can’t stop! Won’t stop! 


Hops: Citra (T90, Cryo, DynaBoost and Spectrum) HBC 586 and El Dorado 

Rhythm Pattern Hazy IPA (6.5%)

GST Included
  • To ensure the best quality and experience of our canned beer, please follow these care instructions:

    • Storage: Store the cans in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperatures for beer are between 7°C to 13°C.

    • Refrigeration: Chill the beer cans before consumption for at least a few hours to ensure the beer is at its best when served.

    • Serving: For optimal taste, pour the beer into a clean glass to enjoy its full aroma and flavor. Tilt the glass at a 45-degree angle when pouring to create the perfect head.

    • Consumption: Beer is best enjoyed fresh, so check the packaging for the dates

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