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What is the Cypher Collective?

Welcome to the Cypher Collective, an exclusive community of 100 beer enthusaists who are amongst the inner circle at Cypher Brewing Co. Members of the club recieve the following perks:

Weekly Four-Pack: As a member of the Cypher Collective, each week brings a new discovery with a four-pack of our latest beer releasing every Friday! Our weekly releases offer a diverse range of styles and tastes, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Complimentary Schooner: With your first visit each week, enjoy a complimentary schooner of the new release beer straight from the fresh keg.

Exclusive Access: Members of the Collective are the first to taste every new release, even before it hits the market. This exclusive access ensures that you are among the first to evaluate and appreciate the newest creations, giving your feedback and suggestions directly to the brewers.

The Cypher Collective is a way to journey with us as we explore and unlock the secrets to exceptional craft beer. Members get to immerse themselves in the brewing process, participate in special members-only events, and have a say in future brews. It’s a place to connect with fellow beer lovers and celebrate the culture of craft brewing.

Join the Collective!

  • The Cypher Collective

    Every week
    Enjoy weekly exclusive beers & a bonus schooner with the Cypher Collective.
    • Weekly Four-Pack: Receive a new release beer every week
    • Enjoy a schooner straight from the tank
    • Exclusive Access: First dibs on all new releases
    • Discounted Food: 20% off food on release day

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